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Mac and Windows upgrades

SSD Solid State Upgrade

SSD Upgrade

There are a number of reasons why you might want to opt for an SSD in place of a standard HDD.

One being performance, however there are more benefits to be had purely due to the fact that there are no moving parts.

Laptops can take jolts while they travel — having a storage device that isn’t disrupted by bumps is a huge benefit. HDDs with their moving parts can be damaged if they’re spinning when the drop, knock or impact happens. SSDs are far less likely to be affected by impacts.

Mobility is a huge part of laptops; SSDs are both smaller and lighter than HDDs. SSDs also require less power, so your laptop battery can in some cases last longer without a charge.

Windows boot times can be dramatically reduced when using an SSD vs a standard HDD. Differences in speed loading apps on your PC might be minimal — you probably won’t notice if Office apps load in two seconds rather than four — but using an SSD to boot Windows 10 will significantly cut time spent twiddling your thumbs.

All round SSD’s are the way forward.

Video Faults and Liquid Spill Damage

iMac, Macbook Pro can all suffer from video graphics faults. These faults can strike at any time and are beyond your control. We repair logic boards at chip level and offer professional reballing and reflowing. Ultimately sometimes replacing the video chip is the answer along with fresh lead solder, the long-term solution to logic board chip repair.

Software Faults

Software faults occur daily – from software that you may have downloaded from the internet, from software that you may have installed in error or even from malicious programs. Yes, Macs do get infected, it’s a myth that they don’t. We can rectify faults quickly, normally 2 day turnaround.


SSD Upgrades are one of the most cost effective way to extend the life of your Apple. The speed boost potential that you can benefit from is greater than any other possible upgrade for your Mac. We specialise in researching the most appropriate upgrade for your system. We’ll take the time and care to properly assess your computer’s specification and suggest upgrades that will maximize the potential of your current processor, logic board and existing memory capabilities.

WiFi Faults and Power Faults

WiFi problems can be baffling but we have the experience to diagnose and solve low signal strength problems, slow access point issues, faulty routers and ADSL or cable broadband faults. We can also supply the best router applicable for your service in order to maximize your broadband line speed. battery replacements are a daily occurance and depending on how you have used your current battery you may well have consumed your current part. If your machine cannot beused on the battery alone you ,most likely need to replace the battery. If your battery passes our tests then it may well be a charge issue, we stock all power levels of charger and also have the ability to replace the MagSafe Port in your MacBook.

Viruses & Trojan Infections

Recently we have seen malware and virus severity increase on the Apple platform. Trojans are the more aggressive type of infection whose main purpose is to steal your identity and compromise your security. Malicious programs gain access to your computer without your knowledge, our recommended remedy is to perform the 100% refurbishment service. This has a two-fold benefit: we give you a guarantee that the machine is 100% clean and your computer has a freshly installed system which in many cases makes it run better than it did when new.

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