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Cloud and Hosted Services

Data Backup

Data Backup – Don’t risk losing your data. Documents, photographs or email data is classed as important data. Once you install our backup software you’ll never have to remember to back up again. The automatic backup runs at set times to suit you in the background. Protecting new and changed files whenever your computer is connected to the internet. And you can choose how often it does it.

Exchange 365 Email Services and Backup

Keep Exchange but lose the responsibility of having to manage your own server!

Microsoft hosted Exchange 365 is cloud-based, it can be accessed from anywhere using your favourite mail client on your Apple desktop or mobile device.

Reduce your costs:

Moving to Hosted Exchange 365 means you benefit from a full-featured Exchange service without the normal IT overheads.

Backup for Microsoft 365:

It is essential that you backup your Microsoft 365 estate because Microsoft don’t. Setup is easy and quick and we can do it all for you.

Share your calendars, contacts and tasks:

By using Hosted Exchange, you get to collaborate more easily with your colleagues by sharing calendars, contacts and tasks.

Business Cloud Backup

Moving to the cloud can be complicated and confusing. New systems have to fit your budgets and timescales.

Having built numerous fully configured IT solutions in the cloud, AnyTech Solutions has a wealth of experience migrating your IT capability to cloud-based systems.

This involves matching cloud-based services to clients’ resources, budget and timescales, including the identification of requirements for highly sophisticated internal IT infrastructure, complex websites, applications, and all necessary system management and suppor