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MacBook Screen Fix

Overheating Macbook

Dust and dirt particles are a Macbook’s enemy. These particles block the air-vents that are necessary for hot air to be pushed out of the system. When this airflow is impeded the system will run at a much hotter temperature than it was designed thus risking the overheating and premature failure of components and graphic microchips.

When the chips have reached temperatures beyond their design specification the thermal pastes that are applied to them cease to work. We can dismantle the Macbook and reapply new thermal paste as well as cleaning the interior of the Macbook with high-pressure air.

Power Socket Faults

A very delicate area of any Macbook is the power or magnetic DC socket. This socket can get damaged or simply fail over time. We can fit new sockets and get you back up and running quickly. Sockets can be replaced next day as a normal turnaround.

Replacement Battery

We can source the correct battery for your Apple Macbook, Macbook Pro or Macbook Air. We can fit it too – just call us for a quote.

Logic board Diagnosis and Repair

Even the most expensive computers can suffer from logic board faults. These faults can strike at any time and are beyond your control. New logic boards can be prohibitively expensive and reflow repairs are often short-lived. We have the capability to diagnose and repair logic boards at chip level and offer professional reballing, the long-term solution to logic board chip repair.

Screen Replacements

Macbooks, iPads and iPhones all have fragile glass-fronted screens which are easily broken from falls, knocks and other accidents. We can replace screens and digitizers in most cases. Screens vary in cost from model to model so give us a call and we’ll be happy to give you a quote 01202 460279.

Graphics Chip replacements

Graphics chip repairs may be required when a Macbook boots up but gives no output either on its own screen or when connected to an external monitor. In the majority of Macbooks the graphics chip is soldered to the logic board. Over time, especially if the graphics chip has been overheating, this connection can become brittle and loose.

The graphics chip then gradually separates from the logic board, causing all kinds of video problems including frequent freezing, over-heating or a blank display. Many repair companies will perform what is called a ‘reflow’ which simply reheats the existing solder. This is a short-lived temporary repair. We offer a more permanent solution. We remove the chip and apply fresh upgraded solder which can give trouble-free results and no recurrence of the same fault.